• Hospitals in Tennessee are closing due to a lack of funding and inability of citizens to afford healthcare. As a low wage state, we need to take more action to provide Tennesseeans with affordable health care plans to effectively treat the constituents of our district and our state.

  • Medicaid expansion has become a hot-button issue in our state. Which is why I support creating a ballot initiative in Tennessee to allow citizens of our state to decide for themselves if they want Medicaid coverage expanded in Tennessee.

  •  We want to relieve the people and families of our state from the devastating impacts of the opioid crisis. By improving the conditions of our treatment facilities, we can ensure that those struggling with opioid addiction receive effective and high-quality treatment. While doctors are working day in and day out to best treat our state’s patients, we need to assist them in distributing common-sense prescriptions in order to restrict the flow of harmful and addictive painkillers.